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Vaguely Vietnamese Pork Tacos

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I've totally stolen this recipe off the web! Here is the original post:
"This recipe uses a mixture of hoisin and fish sauces as braising liquid, and is a riff on an old Corinne Trang recipe for wok-fried rib tips. It results in a vaguely Vietnamese tangle of pulled pork that is best accompanied by a bright and crunchy slaw, and served on warm flour tortillas that recall the soft pliancy of Chinese bao." ~ Sam Sifton Taken from the NY Times

This meal! This Pork! OMG! When I tested this recipe we couldn't get enough of the flavor of the sauces, spices & pork.

Comes with HEB Handmade Flour Tortillas

Choose between 4 qt size or 6 qt size
Serves: 4 qt - 4people or 6 qt - 6people.


Customer Reviews

Kathryn D. - 10/08/2018


So flavorful and yummy. Both my four year old and forty year old loved it - no leftovers!

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