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August 2018 — Summer Pesto and Chicken Stock

Did you know that we almost always have homemade chicken stock and pesto available in the shop? It's true! It's fresh and homemade and comes in your Daisy bag when your food is delivered, totally hassle-free.

Our pesto is made fresh out of basil, arugula, spinach, olive oil, pine nuts, lemon, garlic, and parmesan. We'll handle the chopping,  the blending, and all the clean-up — you get a whole jar of homemade pesto for only $6.00.

Our chicken stock is homemade using the bones from the very chickens that go into your meals. Homemade stock tastes so different from the boxed stuff you won't want to go back, and a jarful will only cost you $2.50.

May 2019 — Chef #1 My Mom - Mary Jane Dudley

My mom was the first person to put a knife in my hand. The first person to teach me how to roll out dough. The first person who taught me to dice an onion - I don't suggest anyone follow her lead on this one, though. As she dices the dang thing in the palm of her hand! - She is the first person who believed in my cooking abilities. And I'm grateful to her for that. Plus too many more blessings to count.

My mom & daddy divorced when I was 6 & my sister was 3 years old. Mom was suddenly a single mom with two little girls. She said, "It's us girls against the world." And she forged into this new life with her head held high & a fierce attitude. She & I had to learn fast how to get dinner on the table when she couldn't be there because of work. Mom started with making dinner last for a few days. I learned how to reheat, before microwaves.

Then as the years passed I learned how to cook her dishes. Never as good as her but, hey, it was food on the table, right? I'm still scared to make her beef stew. It will never ever be as good as hers.

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