Frequently Asked Questions

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Meal Information

Q: What do you mean by subscription?

A:  A subscription is just like a magazine subscription.  Except in this case we are talking yummy food!  Each month you will receive a different meal of our choice. Of course there are ways of switching that meal out. Oh we have ways. They are called "Swap Meals".

Q: What is included with my monthly box?
A: Each monthly box contains a complete, slow cooker-ready frozen meal. We also offer additional meal options to swap out or purchase.  Some add-on meals may require fresh ingredients such as lettuce leaves or rice.

Q: What do I need to prepare my meal?
A: All meals are designed to be prepared in a 6-quart slow cooker such as a Crock Pot, but we also provide cooking instructions for the stovetop or oven. If you ever receive a meal that requires a tool that you don't own, contact us and we will either send you a new meal or help you through cooking it with what is available in your kitchen.

Q: Do I have to thaw the meals?
A: No thawing required — our meals can be cooked from frozen. Some may need to be warmed briefly in warm water or the microwave to release them from the packaging but none require thawing all the way through.

Q: How long does each meal take to cook?
A: On average it takes 4-6 hours in a slower cooker, but each meal is different. The instructions will provide exact cooking times. You can leave them in the slow cooker to cook while you're away! If you're in a hurry, many meals will cook faster using the oven or stovetop directions.

Q: What about dietary restrictions?
A: We have vegetarian and gluten-free options, and will never send you a meal containing something that you or somebody in your household is allergic too. We'll ask you specify any restrictions before checkout.

Pickup & Delivery

Q: Do you deliver? Where?
A: We do deliver! Currently we can only deliver to central Austin, but we are hoping to expand in the near future. Our delivery zip codes are: 78701, 78702, 78703, 78704, 78705, 78722, 78723 (as far east as Manor Rd.), 78751, 78752, 78756, 78757.    Do you work within those zip codes? We would love to deliver to your place of work! Including hospitals & schools.  We deliver all areas except 78701-5 on the first Wednesday of the month. 78701-5 is the first Friday of the month.

Q: How do you define "central Austin"?
A: If you're unsure, send us an email and we'll let you know whether your home is within our limits. Or check out the zip codes above.

Q: Can I pick up my order myself?
A: Yes! Simply choose "Pickup (from our home in Hyde Park)" before checkout. If you're not within our delivery range please choose this option. We will send you an email when your order is ready.

Q: Can I change my decision later?
A: Yes, just send us an email. We will remind you which option you chose.

Q: Why do I have to enter a shipping address?
A: Our host website, Cratejoy, requires that all customers enter a shipping address regardless of whether they chose pickup or delivery.

Order information

Q: Can I skip a month?
A: Yes, simply log into your account and click "skip this month."